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1) READ ALL THE RULES. We mean it, it will help you greatly.
2) Be kind and courteous; we want to create a positive community, not a hurtful group. So simply be polite or you will suffer consequences.
3) Make sure to submit deviations in the correct folders.
4) Multiple cosplays of the same character are welcome. The more to help take over the world with!
5) Yaoi/Yuri. It is acceptable as long as it isn’t too explicitly graphic. (Although we don’t encourage and/or hinder this category).
6) Please have a good time.
7) If you have any questions, feel free to ask Coyotess or celebistar or any other admins. We will be more than happy to answer :>
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Tumblr Roleplay Blogs / Nobunagun Manga Online

So, I thought about how to use this space, and figured why not use it to show the role playing blogs on Tumblr for Nobunagun, and maybe if your interested you can follow them and eventually RP with them :)

Sio Ogura (Nobunagun) -

Adam Muirhead (Jack the Ripper/Florence Nightingale)

Lemond "Princess" (Geronimo)-

Jess Beckham (Newton)/Mahesh Mirza (Gandhi) -

Official Comic Earth Star site (where you can read the last 3 chapters for free):…

It's been almost a year since I posted...but alas, it has been pretty quiet on the news front for Nobunagun .___.

BUT today I am posting because over the last few years, since I've started writing and drawing Nobunagun works, I have gotten quite a few inquiries as to how and where I've read the Nobunagun manga / "how do I know what happens after the anime?"

And sadly, the long short of it is: I was lucky enough to go to Japan and buy them myself while I was there. The series is not available outside of Japan, and even scanlations are way behind (they only cover like the first 7 chapters as far as I know) and in any case, the anime already covers volumes 1-4 quite faithfully.

HOWEVER, I have painstakingly put together a little master post on my blog for those who are curious, and I realized I haven't posted about it on DA (yet). So let's fix that.

Original Tumblr post here, although it's an exact replica of this post. But in case you find DA's layout too hard to read...

How can I buy it?

  • Go to Japan. Or get someone who’s going/is there to buy it for you. I hate to say it, but this is probably one of the most surefire ways, but also kind of unrealistic for many
  • Look on eBay or Amazon Japan. eBay carries just about anything, and if you are familiar enough with ordering from Japanese Amazon (google translate will help greatly), they do ship overseas, albeit for a hefty shipping fee. I’d recommend this route for those who aren’t planning to visit Japan anytime soon.
  • Use a shopping service (FromJapan, Rakuten, etc.) Be warned this can be trickier than eBay or Amazon if you’ve never done this before; as setting up the account and understanding how they charge fees, etc can be tricky. However, they have a larger selection of vendors, including second-hand so the product price itself can be quite cheap. Also, unlike Amazon Japan, these sites cater to overseas people so they are in English. Personally, this is my preferred method outside of just going to Japan, but I will say the shipping costs and the service fees can add up; so unless you are planning to frequently be getting goods from Japan, you’re better off with eBay.
  • Have a specialty Japanese bookstore order it for you. Kinokuniya comes to mind, but the physical stores only exist in major cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc). However, they do now offer an online store where you can buy Japanese books and have them mailed directly to you. I’d actually recommend this alongside eBay, as having an established company order for you is usually safer and more reliable than a random person on eBay.

I just want to know what happens!

Well then you’re (sort of) in luck, as I have painstakingly done my best to summarize and compile posts of what happens in the two remaining volumes. PLEASE keep in mind that I am in no way an official translator nor do I really know Japanese that well; so take these translations with a grain of salt. Furthermore, it should go without saying that a) I will not scanlate/translate every single page because I do not want to disrespect sensei’s hard work and b) it’s exceedingly time consuming and c) if I EVER see these reposted ANYWHERE ELSE I will IMMEDIATELY ask you to take them down and furthermore I WILL delete all my posts here.

Volume 5: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Volume 6: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M

No, I did not translate/scan/post every single page of these volumes; you’ll still have to get the physical book if you want to find out everything

Earth Star started becoming serialized digitally after the release of volume 5, so some posts may still have active links to the official online release (I’m not sure which ones are still active though, so you’ll have to check yourself)

Anyway. I hope this masterlist will help some of you who are wondering what happens and are interested in buying it (I highly recommend it! It’s super nice to own and look at the actual physical set!). If you have any more questions about how to order from a Japanese store, like a shopping service, please feel free to message me and I’m more than happy to try and help.

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to the beginning 5: the battle is to the strong
A/N: Past-tense; warnings, some rather graphic descriptions of the human body and such.
It was impossible. There was no way… And yet she closed her maroon orbs, her body going limp and the baby was crying again, as if sensing something wrong with her mother.
Time seemed to stop.
All around him the other holders—Hunter, Gandhi, Newton—were scrambling to revive her, or else to defend against the endless wave of mindless drones that continued to pour forth. But to him, they didn't matter, not anymore.
'H-Hey…why won't you open your eyes?' Numb, nothing to feel or think now, not even his soon-to-be fatal wounds or the exhaustion that he'd been running on since nearly half an hour ago—
—they were all meaningless now.
"Oy! Jack, listen te me mate, yeh've gotta snap outta it! I know it looks bloody terrible, but it's gonna get even worse if we cannae get her back! Ye hear me? There's still a chance we can save her, but
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 1 3
to the beginning 9: silver moon [NOW]
A/N: And now we return to the 'present', the now. Because sometimes, in order to depart for the future, we must return to the beginning.
The moon is unusually bright tonight, perhaps it's because it's almost the moon-viewing festival, Tsukimi, which has coming surprisingly early this year. Normally the passing of the seasons don't mean anything when you're aboard an airship that seems to be constantly chasing the sun, but this year is different. This year, he manages to wrangle a weekend free just for the three of them, to spend what Mirza likes to call 'quality family time'—though it's a bit of an ironic statement, given that the Indian has not been back to his homeland in years, not even to introduce the family he himself has started.
'I was pretty much disowned the day I headed off for DOGOO, so what's the point?' He'd slurred, the two of them sharing a much-needed drink late one evening in the A. Logan's lounge. 'Plus, 's not like Jess and I a
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 1 3
to the beginning 6: The State of My Life [THEN]
'Hurry! Get these two back to th' Forrester now an' tell 'em to prep two OR right away!'
'Pulse is dropping! 100, 93, 70—'
'—Which one?'
'—Christ! It cannae ever be easy, can it?!'

He didn't remember much aside from a few scattered phrases, mostly just a blur of shouts and yelling of his name, her name, muffled against the constant, overwhelming pain. And that fear…
'Oh…y-your eyes, th-they're, so…green…'
Falling, falling…

"Sio…!" All senses awake at once, though perhaps not the best idea; the light was too bright and the beeping too harsh, too constant and noisy, that dry, sterile air they always filtered and circulated throughout the medical bay suddenly burning his lungs, choking him.
Was he even alive…?
"Shite mate, y'nearly scared the crap outta me…again." He strained to turn his head because it was so heavy and he was so weak, but
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 1 0
to the beginning 4: painful [THEN]
A/N: 'past-tense'; continues directly after 'confrontation/dogfight'. Warning, there are some rather...semi-graphic descriptions of childbirth and just some visceral descriptions in general, so be mindful if you're sensitive to that kind of content.
"—SIO!" Fuck, this couldn't be happening, it just wasn't real—
—how could she have been so careless—
Groaning, she tried to sit up, to somehow drag herself out of the rampaging Objects' path—but the moment she stirred, there was a stabbing sensation in her stomach, and instinctively she knew the baby was in danger. "D-damn it…no, please, don't…ugh—"
"Sio! Sio!" She heard a grunt and then someone was carrying her off to the side, she herself in too much pain to even open her eyes until a wet droplet landed on her cheek—
"—A-Adam? You're injured!" That was the understatement of the century; blood coated the shredded remains of his armor, and a ja
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 1 2
to the beginning 3: so...Good night [NOW]
A/N: 'Present-tense'; goes with "so...Good night" by Acid Black Cherry.
It's late, and she should really be getting to sleep; but for some reason, it does not come easily tonight, not even with Mr. Bunny tucked safe and sound, and her brother's eyes already half-closed.
"'Ey, you two squirts should've been asleep an hour ago…" he sighs as she remains sitting up, fluffing her pillow for the umpteenth time.
"But tou-san, the sun's not even sleeping yet…" She points to the purplish sky that is still tinged orange around the sun, and he has to admit, she has a point. The Alex Logan now crossing the Arctic Circle as it continues its path across the sky, giving its occupants the rare experience of a 'midnight sun' for the next few days. Even though the clocks read five minutes past midnight, it just doesn't seem so.
He has to turn away so she doesn't see him secretly grinning, because sometimes she just says the darndest things.
Like another
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 1 2
to the beginning 1: little star [NOW]
A/N: Originally posted to my tumblr (shooter-nobunagun), this is collected into 'arcs' over there, but here I've decided to consolidate them into one entire story, combining both arcs. The two arcs take place 'before' and 'after' a certain event, so they will be differentiated by either 'THEN' or 'NOW' in the chapter titles. Also, they will be written in past and present-tense, respectively. I've put them together in the chronological order in which they were written/posted; reading it as such will give you a slightly different experience than if you read the arcs separately on Tumblr.
He wakes with a start, in a cold sweat because he already knows how this dream—no, nightmare, is going to end. Because it always ends the same way. At this point, it's just a memory that refuses to die, to be buried in the depths of his mind, along with the countless tragedies that have happened before, and after.
Because it has already happened.
"Tou-san, tou-san, daijoubu
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 3 1
to the beginning 2: confrontation/dogfight [THEN]
A/N: An on-going collection posted originally to my tumblr (shooter-nobunagun), however I thought I'd repost here as well. This takes place in a possible future, where the war is still on-going against the EIOs. Takes place in 'past tense'.
She woke to the sound of a low buzzing—her personal comm, no doubt—trust command to ensure that all holders would be reachable 24/7, regardless of whether or not they were finally getting more than 5 hours of sleep each night because well, you try sleeping comfortably when your stomach was larger than a beach ball. Next to her, a mane of white shifted slightly, though he made no move to answer it.
Damn. Well, since she was awake…might as well. Groaning, she stretched a hand out from underneath the warm covers and with bleary eyes, attempted to decipher the glowing text.
URGENT! Miss Nobunagun, your presence is required for today's mission brief. Please report in at 0800 sharp.
"Uugh…what the hell,
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 1 1
A/N: Whoot, so after about a year, and even though I've changed fandoms, E21 was a good time in my run of interests. I'm still trying to finish the anime (almost at the 100 episode mark!!) and collect all the volumes (got 1-21 haha), and although I probably won't be feeling as strongly or do much work in it anymore, I did very much enjoy participating in honey-bee89's advent last year and I thought I'd do it again just for kicks and 'cause it's good to keep my writing skills sharp.
Although this is going to be HiruMamo of course, it'll have a fun little tie-in with my current fandom, Nobunagun. But, you don't need to know both to enjoy it.

P.S. Kudos to Honey-Bee89 for beta-ing and hosting this Advent Calendar as well; even if it's smaller than last year, it's still fun to participate! :>
Theme: Family
The first time Mamori had asked their devil-leader-quarterback about his parents, she'd gotten nothing more out of him than the iciest gla
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 2 1
no differences by celebistar no differences :iconcelebistar:celebistar 2 1 Geronimo! WIP 1 by Coyotess Geronimo! WIP 1 :iconcoyotess:Coyotess 1 0 Kill U 2Wise Over!! by celebistar Kill U 2Wise Over!! :iconcelebistar:celebistar 5 5 Let's see which is the better woman! by celebistar Let's see which is the better woman! :iconcelebistar:celebistar 10 2 Born to Be by celebistar Born to Be :iconcelebistar:celebistar 12 0 Nobunagunnn by Phailyoor Nobunagunnn :iconphailyoor:Phailyoor 2 2 Sio Ogura by hank141 Sio Ogura :iconhank141:hank141 3 0 Secret Valentine - Adam Muirhead's Secret admirer by rikka-yomi Secret Valentine - Adam Muirhead's Secret admirer :iconrikka-yomi:rikka-yomi 6 4


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